The simple answer to that question, for us, is that we are convinced that this is something God has called us to do. We’ve prayed and talked and researched it seriously for two and a half years and have become more and more confident that this is what we are to do. We could stop there, because that’s enough reason alone. But there are other factors that have helped influence our decision.

  • As of 2009,  according to UNICEF, there were 163 million orphans in the world. These are children who have lost at least one parent. Of these, 18.5 million have lost both parents.
  • 150 million of these orphans are in developing countries, where poverty is rampant, and access to food, shelter, clothing, and basic medical care can be scarce.
  • Orphans are among the most vulnerable members of our populations. The stigma of being an orphan often makes it difficult or impossible for them to find work, community, and stability. Many fall into prostitution, crime, drug use, and alcoholism, and are left unable to care for their own children. And so the cycle continues.
  • As Christians, we have no doubt that it is our responsibility and privilege to care for the poor, the widowed, and the orphans.
  • We believe that children belong in families. However good an institution or orphanage may be, there is no substitute for the love and care of parents in a home environment.
  • We’re not wealthy, but there is room in our home for a few more bodies. Our paychecks are modest, but they will certainly stretch to meet the needs of a growing family.
  • We believe that our children are doing well overall and will continue to thrive with more siblings.
  • We have loving, supportive family and friends, and we know that they will join us in loving and welcoming more children into our home.
  • We really love children and love being parents. We would love to have more children and with the millions of orphans in the world waiting for families, adoption just makes sense.