HIV/AIDS can be an uncomfortable thing.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what it is and how it’s transmitted, and that causes fear. Ryan and I get this. Until a few years ago, we knew little of it ourselves except for what we learned in the 80’s and 90’s, when there were no good treatments and a lot of fear and media hype. It would have made us uncomfortable if we had friends who were doing what we’re now doing ourselves. In recent years, we’ve learned much more and now feel very comfortable welcoming HIV+ children into our family. But we realize and respect the fact that others may not understand our decision.

Our choice to adopt HIV+ children is a step of obedience for us to what we feel God has led us to do. We’ve chosen to be open about our future childrens’ status because we truly believe we have nothing to hide. So while we recognize the discomfort that others feel, and we admit that your discomfort can make US a little uncomfortable sometimes, we also know that this does not compare to the discomfort we’d feel if we ignored God’s call on our lives.

We realize that our choice is going to affect our community. We are confident that our kids will not put you or your family at any risk, but at first it may make you uncomfortable see them in the church nursery, to share a meal with our family, or invite them for a play date.

We admit that we won’t always know the best way to deal with this. We apologize in advance if we seem defensive about it. We really don’t want to be, but we’re learning. Please be patient with us, and pray that God will give us wisdom to deal with it. And please, always feel free to come to us to discuss any concerns you might have.

It’s a tricky thing no matter how you dice it. We’re certain that time will cure a lot of this, but in the meantime, we may all just be a little bit uncomfortable.