We’re slowly working our way through our home study/dossier checklists. Ryan and I both had full physicals this week, with lots of lab work and TB tests. I’ve had my photos taken for my passport renewal and gotten my Live Scan fingerprinting done for my FBI/DOJ clearance. Ryan should have those taken care of today or tomorrow. We found a notary at our church who is going to help us get all of our documents authenticated. Our housing statement (verifying the size of our home) arrived from the county tax assessor this week.

A major set-back this week was finding out that since my parents live next door to us and spend a lot of time with our kids, they will need to be included in our home study. That means they’ll need to be fingerprinted and have medical exams as well. The problem is that they’ve been out of the country for the last month or so, and won’t both be home for another week. It will take around 30 days to get their FBI/DOJ clearances, so our target home study completion date of June 1 is definitely not going to happen. This may present some delays for us with our USCIS filing, but we’re just praying it will all still work out as we’ve planned.