It’s been a long, long time since I posted, because it’s been a long time since anything has happened. We expected our homestudy to be back to us and ready to send to Nina in EE for edits a few weeks ago. What we didn’t know is that our agency does its own editing process before we are allowed to see the document. That takes an additional two weeks. Those weeks were up on Monday, and then we found out that it still had to be sent back to our social worker for more changes/edits. Unlike the other phases of the writing/editing process, they don’t seem to have mandatory deadlines for this step. It’s been almost a week now and we haven’t gotten it yet. I’m getting a little impatient but the truth is, we don’t plan to submit our dossier for another 2 months at this point, so it’s really not a big deal. I’d just rather have it done and sent off to USCIS already, so we can begin our next long wait (for immigration fingerprints and the all-important I-1-71h, which is the USCIS form that shows  we have clearance to bring an adopted child home. I’ve heard stories of this taking quite some time to get, and so I’d rather just have it already.

Hopefully our homestudy will be back to us by Monday or Tuesday. I’ll update when I hear anything.

In the meantime, we are in Colorado for the summer while Ryan tries to finish up the research for his doctoral dissertation. It’s been a relaxing, enjoyable time and in some ways feels like a “babymoon” with just the four of us before we grow again. We were so happy to find a nice older minivan at a great price, so we now officially have room for another child in the car. Our poor 3-yr-old daughter found the van shopping process quite emotionally harrowing. Somehow “new van” came to be equated with “new baby,” and every time we’d walk away from one and tell her that we weren’t going to buy it, she’d nearly be in tears and ask WHERE was our new baby going to sit and HOW were we going to get our new baby without a van? So you can just imagine her happiness that we finally have room for the new baby (and she’s not complaining about the built-in DVD player either!).