The first draft of our home study finally showed up on Sunday night. On Monday I sent it to Nina for her revisions, and the next morning I got a brief e-mail back from her stating that since I am not employed, I will not be allowed to adopt as a married individual. Apparently I need to be able to show that I am independently able to provide for this child, and obviously without Ryan’s income, I can’t. This means that Ryan and I will have to travel to Eastern Europe together for the entire 2-3 weeks. Before we had planned on going together, him staying for a week, and then returning home to work while I finished the process alone. Due to his job as a college professor, it is very difficult for him to take time off mid-semester and even a week would be hard.

Nina said she might be able to convince the government to allow me to adopt alone, but we could get all the way to court two weeks later and have the judge deny our adoption. Which would, of course, be completely heartbreaking.

So right now, it seems that we have two clear options: Ryan could possibly push through and get his employer to allow him the unpaid time off (I’m recommending some horrifying Eastern Europe orphanage pics to help that whole process along), or we wait until next summer (probably June) to travel. Neither option is ideal and I admit to being a little stressed out about the whole thing.

We’re trying to get some clear answers on a few things and will need to figure all of this out before we finalize our home study. In the mean time, I’m reminding myself that God is in control and whatever happens, it’s going to be okay.