Thankfully we’ve found a reasonable solution to the issue I posted about earlier this week. Ryan and I will fly over together this fall as planned, go to our appointment, meet our child, and sign all of the paperwork to submit to the court. Then Ryan will fly home to return to work while I stay in country and wait. Our court date will probably be about 1-2 weeks later. He will fly back so we can attend court together, and then fly home together right after. The country we are adopting from has a mandatory 10 day wait before you can take your child out of the orphanage, so after that’s up I’ll fly back alone to finish the process (passport, visa, medical exam, etc).

Having Ryan fly back for court will mean an extra plane ticket and another trip halfway around the world for him, but it will be worth it. He won’t have to re-adopt once home, and our child will be able to get immediate citizenship as soon as we land in the US. And I think it will be special to have him there when we go to court and legally become our new child’s parents.