I just got an e-mail a little while ago saying that our homestudy has been finalized, notarized, and overnighted to USCIS!!
Now we begin the wait. . . for a fingerprint date, and then finally for our I-171h, the final document that will complete our dossier so we can mail it off to Ukraine. The I-171h is basically the document that verifies that we are approved by the US Government to adopt a child and bring that child to the United States. I spoke with a USCIS representative a few days ago and she said that they are so backlogged right now that they cannot even begin to give an estimated time frame for this to be processed. It is supposed to take about 30 days, but previously I had heard that it was taking at least 45 and as long as 90 days.

It is very important that we get this in time for our dossier to be submitted by November 1. That is the last date that the country we are adopting from accepts dossier submissions for 2010, so if it’s not there by then, we won’t be able to travel until next year and some of our documents will need to be re-done. So please pray that it is processed quickly so we can get our dossier sent off soon!