It’s been a great few days on the adoption front. On Saturday I got to talk to a woman who has adopted 3 children with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe, and she had some great information for us. I can’t really get into specifics, but I was thrilled to get to talk to her and have her support- not just in our adoption process, but in parenting a child with Down syndrome. She’s an amazing woman who has three biological children (one with DS) and now three more new children with DS. She is truly a goldmine of information, and she has lots of contacts who will be able to help us.

Later on Saturday we found out that our USCIS fingerprint appointment notifications came! Our appointment isn’t until August 26, but now that we have the letter, we can go in anytime and they should be able to do it for us. We’re aiming for Friday, August 13.

Then this morning I called USCIS with a few questions and found that once we get our fingerprints done, we should be able to get our I-171h in about 30-45 days. If this is the case, we should have plenty of time to get our dossier submitted and travel in October or (most likely) November. We’re getting so close!!