Last Thursday I called USCIS with a quick bit of information that our officer needed. Much to my surprise, she told me that our I-600A processing was complete and she would be mailing out our I-171h that day!!! This is the last document we need in order to send our dossier off to Eastern Europe. I was so shocked and happy that I broke down crying right there on the phone. We hadn’t expected this to come until mid-September at the earliest, and were prepared for it to take even longer. THANK YOU GOD!!

So finding this out made us realize that it was time to make some bit decisions- namely, the decision of which child we were going to pursue adopting. When we’d originally set out to adopt an HIV+ child, it seemed that it would be best to wait until we were in-country to select a child. Now that God has led us to Down syndrome for this adoption, we both felt that it would be best to try to identify a child before we travel so that we can better prepare ourselves for the wide range of possible medical needs.

We knew of a few children we were interested in, so we prayed and talked and came to our decision, and . . . IT’S A GIRL!!

Meet Vika. Isn’t she beautiful?? She’s almost 2 years old (just 3 months older than our son) and we can’t wait to bring her home!!!! We’ve talked to several people who have met her and they all agree that she is the sweetest, most precious little girl. We feel honored to be able to pursue her adoption and hope to have her home by November.