Just as I was starting to relax that all was well with our dossier (and our facilitator e-mailed to let me know that she had it ready to submit), the government agency that oversees adoptions in Vika’s country decided to remove one of the forms from our dossier in order to secure our place at the front of the submission line. We expected to be put at the front of the line due to Vika’s special needs, but we did NOT expect them to remove the document. And we certainly didn’t expect them to take a document out and then tell us that we had to replace the DOCUMENT THAT THEY NOW HAVE for the dossier to be submitted. (This makes sense because. . . why?!)

So I spent yesterday driving around for notaries, and then another long drive to the capital for apostilles, and then back to the FedEx store for another nerve-wracking and extremely overpriced shipment to Eastern Europe. At least this time my hands weren’t shaking, and I knew where to find the right envelope (it’s amazing how little experience it takes to make you feel like an old pro). No pictures this time, as I was far less excited about this experience than I was when we did it last week.

Package #2 is now on its way, and we expect to have our dossier submitted on Thursday (the only day Vika’s country accepts dossiers for young, special needs kids). Within a week or two of that we will be given our appointment date so we can start making travel arrangements.