This afternoon we got the news we have been praying for for months: Our court hearing is scheduled for next Thursday, November 4, at 3 PM. If all goes well, we should be able to fly home on our currently scheduled flights on Saturday the 6th, making our total time in country just 13 days. If you know anything about adoption from this country, you will realize what an amazing thing this is. We knew when we booked these tickets that it was very optimistic to think that we would be done by then, but God has moved mountains on our behalf and our process has been unbelievably smooth.

We still need to get approval from the SDA before Thursday in order for this to happen. All of our documents will be going back to the capital via the overnight train tonight and Nina will try to get them taken care of ASAP. This approval usually takes around 5 days but she has a contact there who will be able to expedite it for us. Please pray that the paperwork will be back on the train to our region on Wednesday night so that we can have our hearing as scheduled.

Then on Thursday night we will ride the train back to the capital, where we will go to the embassy on Friday so Ryan can sign some papers. After a quick overnight, we will board our flights home!!

I will return 10 days after our hearing to finish up Vika’s paperwork and get her visa and passport. God willing, we will be home with Vika by November 20.