So quite a while back, a friend posted the picture below on Facebook with the caption “I swear this stuff only happens to me.”

Well, friend, you were wrong. I did this exact thing today, only it was a toddler-sized sink in an orphanage on the other side of the globe, while being watched by 13 curious toddlers and 3 Russian-speaking nannies who were, at best, less than amused.

After we’d enjoyed a nice visit with Vika, one of her nannies came and told us we had to bring her back for lunch. I brought her back up to her room, put her in her little chair, and was bending down to tie a bib around her neck when I VERY lightly bumped into the little sink on the wall and heard this enormous thud. All of the children stopped eating and the nannies made these panicked “oo oo oo” sounds as I turned and saw what I had done. Talk about embarrassing. Ryan tried to fix the thing but it had apparently been attached to the wall with some adhesive no stronger than a glue stick, and there was nothing he could do. I tried to appropriately communicate my remorse (mental note: learn the Russian word for “sorry” . . . I’d get a lot of mileage out of it) and the nannies just shook their heads and waved us to go. And go we did . . . some might say we fled! I can only imagine what they must have thought . . . “and we’re supposed to let these idiots walk out of here with this child in a few weeks?!?”

Apart from that disaster, our visiting is going well. We get to go twice a day and stay for about an hour and a half. Vika seems happy to see us but she is still coming out of her shell. She loves the toys we bring (and the snacks even more!) and she is happy to have people play with her, and she is slowly getting used to us. We are having to take things very slowly with her as she is easily frightened. She never, ever cries, but when she gets tired or stressed she sticks her little tongue out and starts sucking on it in the most adorable manner until the drool runs off her chin. As cute as it is, we know that means we need to back off and give her some time.

I do worry a bit about the trip home. Other than a stay in the hospital over this last summer when she was having breathing difficulties, it is safe to say she has not left the grounds of the baby house since she was brought here as an infant. I know the outside world will be overwhelming to her. Please pray that she learns to feel safe with us quickly.

Here’s a picture from one of her happier moments yesterday.