Happy Monday to all of our friends and family, from “our world,” where one day is pretty much the same as the next! We get up, eat, check e-mail and enjoy any new blog comments or messages that came while we were sleeping, eat the same thing for breakfast every day (eggs scrambled with ham and cheese over toast and juice), shower and get dressed, go visit Vika, come back and eat lunch (salami, bread, cheese, and maybe soup), nap or read or try to find something to watch online, go see Vika again, eat dinner (either at home or at a restaurant down the street- they seem to have a lot of different food but only English words are the two large ones outside that say “Pizza” and “Beer,” so that is what we order whenever we go), kill more time online or reading or Skyping with our kids at home (how we miss them!!), and then fall asleep at around 8 PM.

Today while we were visiting Vika we got a call from Nina informing us of some possible problems with our court date on Thursday. We would be so appreciative of your prayers for these. I’ll try to explain as clearly and simply as possible.

1. As of this morning, the letter from the local authorities approving our adoption had been prepared but was still waiting for a signature. Praise God, Nina JUST called to inform me that it has been signed and will be coming to her by train tonight. So this prayer was answered before we even shared it.

2. Nina’s SDA contact is hoping to be able to prepare our SDA approval and have it back to us by Thursday, but they are having an extremely busy week because elections were held nationwide yesterday AND this is the week that the prosecutor is conducting their inspection/review of the SDA’s work. I am not exactly sure what this means, but please pray that she will have time to work on our case. Having the local approval letter coming is huge and would have been a dealbreaker on our SDA approval, so I am hopeful, but we are not in the clear yet. And this brings us to request #3.

3. Apparently as part of the SDA review, the prosecutor will pull adoption files for closer inspection. If our file is pulled, we could be delayed indefinitely. This is certainly our most important request- please pray that our case would be overlooked and we could proceed as originally planned.

Thank you so much for the prayers, e-mails, blog comments, Facebook messages, etc. We are doing quite well overall but it can be pretty lonely here without the ability to connect with people around us because of the language barrier. We have only been here for just over a week, so I can only imagine how difficult this becomes for people who end up staying for weeks on end! But anyhow, every little bit of outside interaction goes a long way to encourage us and lift our spirits. We know so many of you are praying and we are so thankful.

Our visits with Vika are going extremely well. We feel like we turned a corner with her yesterday. She is really starting to warm up to us, loves to be tickled, and is quickly turning into a huge Daddy’s girl! I posted a video on Facebook of her laughing at him. . . it is like music to my ears! For some reason I can’t post it here but feel free to friend me on Facebook and check it out.