(By Ryan) Another great day with Vika today. When we arrived at the baby house in the morning, she seemed like she may have not been feeling very well. However, midway through our visit we realized that she was just tired. Trying to keep her awake was the theme of the visit.

Unsuccessful Effort

The nannies have asked us to not let her sleep during our visits because it ruins her afternoon nap. This can, however, be very challenging sometimes. You can check out a couple of videos on Janeé’s facebook page if you would like to see what I mean. We did not have complete success today, and I (Ryan) had to shamefully hand her back to her nanny completely asleep. The nanny was very gracious, and could tell that we had not allowed her to go to sleep without a fight.

During our evening visit we got to see something very different. As we arrived, Vika and her group buddies were nowhere to be seen and we were directed down a hall where we heard music coming from a large room. At first I was envisioning all the children sitting and watching a movie as if in a theater. What we saw instead was pretty much all the kids from the baby house sitting in rows watching a man and a women in traditional costumes performing a play with a few different dolls (or at least dolls is the best word I have to describe them).

Baby House Entertainment

The kids were all so well behaved as they sat wide eyed focused on every scene. We waited for the end since we did not want to take Vika away from this wonderfully entertaining drama. It ended happily as a little girl was reunited with her family through the help of a very friendly bear. The theme seemed a little heavy in light of the demographic, but the kids certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Janeé Considers New Job Prospect

We then finished another very pleasant visit with Vika. We have just been so blessed to get to know her a little bit more each day. I cannot imagine these visits really going any better. We know that there will be some tough times ahead, but we are so happy to get this special time with her now and we are cherishing it.

We also got more good news today. Our local approval letter was received by Nina and taken to the SDA. We also have found out that I (Ryan) will be able to sign a couple of documents back home instead of having to go to the embassy here which would have required another day here. So even if our court hearing is delayed until Friday, we will still be able to leave on Saturday as we have hoped. We have felt so blessed that thus far everything has been incredibly smooth. God has been so good in guiding this process, and we spent a good amount of time today just reflecting on how gracious He has been to us. There are a few things left in our process that could cause delays, but right now we are just thanking God for how supernaturally well things have gone and trying our best to trust Him to guide the process in the next coming days as well. We thank you for your prayers and support.

Ryan Discovers New Work Outfit at Local Shop