Our court hearing was this afternoon at 3. All went reasonably well. Our paperwork was inspected, Ryan presented our case, and we were both questioned by the judge, jury, and district attorney’s representative. One humorous moment happened early on, when the judge asked us if we objected to him or believed he might not rule justly on our case and wanted to request another judge(this is a standard opening). Something happened in the translation and it came through to us as something like “do you trust this judge and agree to have him hear your case.” So we both answered “YES!”  in unison and everyone in the room burst out laughing.

The Courthouse

The Courthouse

After about half an hour of questioning and reviewing our paperwork, the judge adjourned and told us to come back in the morning to hear the reading of the decree. This usually happens very quickly after the case is heard, but it was late in the day and people needed to go. We were hoping to have everything finished today but really doesn’t make too big of a difference since we are here tomorrow anyway.

So tomorrow we will go visit Vika in the morning, then go to court to finish everything up. After one last visit with Vika in the late afternoon, we’ll get on the train Kiev, where we’ll catch our flight out on Saturday afternoon. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to Vika, but I’ll be back for her soon.

I get a Mama and Daddy tomorrow!!

Thanks for your prayers- we’re almost done!!