So much has happened since my last post. Ryan and I left Vika’s city the day our court decree was read to spend time with our other children in the US while we waited out our ten days until the decree takes effect. We flew through London on the way home and spent a wonderful, much-anticipated overnight with our dear friends AJ and Andrea, who live in Bristol now.

The next day we boarded our 11 hour flight back to California . . . and what a loooong 11 hours those were! But it was all worth it when were reunited with our other children at the airport.

After taking into account all of the travel, I had only 5 days at home. In some ways it seemed kind of silly to go all that way for just 5 days, but if I had stayed here the whole time, I would have been away for 4 weeks, and that’s just too long for me! The days at home went by much too fast but I am still glad I did it.

On Saturday I boarded the return flights to EE, but since Ryan had to stay at home to work, I’ve been so happy to have my mother-in-law with me. We arrived this morning by train and will have a very busy week before returning home next Saturday.

Today was a “down” day, where we got to go see Vika again and give her time to get re-acquainted with me. It was wonderful to see her again and we picked up right where we left off. We had lunch with our wonderful landlady at a Ukrainian restaurant in town, and then this afternoon we went and took Vika to have passport photos taken. Apparently it was the first time she had ridden in a car since she was tiny, and her eyes were as big as moons! I have a couple of pictures that I will try to post later. What a week that little girl is in for. . . an overnight train ride, a couple of days in the busy capital city, and then the long trip home. I hope it doesn’t completely overwhelm her.

I will take custody of her either tomorrow or Wednesday. I am hoping to wait until all of our business is done because there is really no need to uproot her from her comfortable surroundings any sooner than necessary. I am sure she will be happier at the baby house than she would be with us, running all over town for documents and papers that are needed.

Tomorrow we will travel to the city where she was born to collect her new birth certificate. I am very interested to see it and to get outside the city. I’ve now spent 16 days in this country and have yet to see anything outside of the cities.