Vika has been home for just over a month now. It has FLOWN by! She continues to be a joy to us and we feel so blessed to have her in our family.

Last week I took her to the local agency that provides early intervention services for children with disabilities. They did a developmental assessment so they can determine which therapy services she will need. They said that she is definitely delayed (even considering the DS) but given her background, she is doing remarkably well and they are sure she will make dramatic progress when we start therapy. We have a meeting with her caseworker in a few weeks and hope to start therapy soon after that.

Yesterday we celebrated a month at home by taking her to the pediatrician today for a full check-up. She started out with the doctor, who ordered a bunch of tests and made a lot of referrals for specialists she will need to see in the coming weeks. We’ll be visiting a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a geneticist, an opthamologist, and an ENT- looks like we’ll be busy!

After we saw the pediatrician, Vika got a couple of vaccinations that are not given in Ukraine, then we went down to the lab for a bunch of blood work. The next stop was radiology, where she had a chest x-ray and also a few of her legs. She has a history of rickets and her bones need to be checked. By then she was starting to get pretty worn out, so we stopped for lunch in the cafeteria before heading up to cardiology for an EKG. This proved to be quite a challenge as she had to hold completely still. The staff was wonderful and very patient in working with her. They even took her back during their lunch break because by the time the break ended, it would have been Vika’s nap time and they didn’t want us to have to come back. Finally after about an hour and a half the test was successfully completed. (Update- the cardiologist’s office called me today and the EKG is 100% normal- Vika’s heart is healthy! Praise God!)

Lunch break in the cafeteria - are we done yet?

It was a LONG morning for Vika but she was quite a trooper. All things considered, she tolerated it all better than we could have hoped. It makes me sad to think that she will likely have many more days like these in the coming years, but at the same time I am thankful that she will have access to good medical care.

So . . . how it’s going. That’s hard to say. Overall I would say Vika is still doing well. She is generally an easy child and seems to be attaching well to us. But at the same time, she is clearly struggling. Her emotions are very fragile and she just has an aura of sadness about her much of the time. There are moments when she is completely inconsolable, and then suddenly she’ll just stop crying and start sucking on her tongue with big tears streaming down her face, as though she’s just given up and is resigning herself to things. It is obvious that she is grieving the life that she’s lost. It is heartbreaking to watch but we know this is all just part of the process. She’ll get through this and I know her joy will be restored.