About a month ago, it happened. Levi decided that this “big” sister we brought home for him is actually pretty cool. In fact, she’s definitely one of his favorite people in the world now. Vika and Levi, being only three months apart in age, are best buddies and there now seems to be zero resentment or jealousy between them these days. Whenever we pay any special attention to Levi- even something as simple as tossing him a ball or giving him a pony ride on the knee, he reminds us to “Do it to Vika!” He loves taking her off to the play room and the two of them will play in there by themselves for an hour or even more. I’ll often here him cooing “oooh, Vika!” to her in delight. It’s a beautiful thing to see and we hope and pray that the bond that has developed between them will last through their whole lives.

Here they are together, as they almost always are,  fresh from the bath!