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It’s been said that one of the hardest things about adoption is the ones you have to leave behind. I’d say this is fairly accurate. Vika’s story had a happy ending. She’s now¬† a granddaughter, a niece, a daughter, a sister. But there are dozens left behind in her orphanage, and thousands in her country, who will never know the love of a family. I think about them constantly.

One of the ones we left behind was Vera. Happy, beautiful, playful, funny little Vera. She stood out to me from the start. I was so happy when I realized who she was and that she had a family coming for her. While we were there I got to hold her, hug her, play with her, and take her picture. I left knowing that her family would be there very soon.

On Saturday I was heartbroken to learn that her family got to the orphanage and changed their mind about the adoption. Now Vera, who is almost 6 years old, will soon be transferred from the comfortable baby house that she’s always known, with caregivers who dote on her, to an institution. She doesn’t belong there. She’s smart, capable, and full of life. She deserves a family.You can read more about her here:

For the Love of Vera

Up until now I have used this blog only to tell our personal adoption story. But now there’s Vera, and she needs a family FAST. I can’t sit by and let her waste away in an institution. She deserves so much more.

Please, please, please join me in advocating for Vera. Pray for her, spread the word, repost the link to her blog on Facebook and anywhere else you can get the word out. I know her family is out there. I know they are going to be unbelievably blessed by her. Please help me find them!


Our 2010 Ukraine Adoption Timeline

March 26 - Begin gathering homestudy and dossier documents
March 31 - Sign contract with homestudy agency, begin filling out paperwork
May 7 - File I-600a (without completed homestudy)
May 21 - Second homestudy interviews, turned in all documents
July 12 - Decided to add Down syndrome to our homestudy
July 16 - Third homestudy interview to approve us for a child with Down syndrome
July 26 - Homestudy finalized and overnighted to USCIS!
July 31- Received USCIS fingerprint date of August 26
August 13 - USCIS Fingerprinting (walk-in)
August 19 - USCIS I-600a approval
August 20 - Commit to adopting Vika
August 28 - Receive I-171h
August 30 - All apostilles done, ship dossier to Eastern Europe
September 2 - Dossier arrives in EE
September 16 - Dosser submitted
October 5 - Receive appointment date of October 25 to get Vika's referral!
October 22 - Leave for EE
October 25 - SDA appointment
October 28 - We meet Vika
November 4 - 1st Court hearing
November 5 - Court decree read- Happy Adoption Day!!
November 17 - I take custody of Vika
November 19 - Receive Vika's Visa at US Embassy
November 20 - HOME!

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